CATCH.ER (2017)

Drama | 81mins

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The Movie opens in an interrogation room with Tony Bello (Alexx Ekubo), a suspect having a 'friendly conversation' with the police. His wife Abby Bello (Beverly Naya), an ambitious career woman has just been found murdered on their wedding anniversary.

The anniversary celebration had started off as fun for the couple who were lodged in a hotel room. It was however, cut short by Abby's boss (Kiki Omeili) who called to ask that she urgently come in to discuss some irregularities found in the company's yearly report.

Following the series of event that occur that day between Abby and her husband and colleagues, she doesn't end the day alive. The police investigation widens and closes on a reasonable number of people with hidden motives to want her dead.


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Tola Tani

2 Months ago

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Film House

Surulere, Lagos

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  • 10:40| 12:25
  • 5:50
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