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In The Housewife, a husband is worried about his new onset of high blood pressure and goes to the doctor to try and determine the cause.

To be honest, I wonder what kind of doctor he went to myself, because instead of the usual questions you would assume that a doctor would ask hypertensive (high blood pressure) patients such as diet choices and exercise, he instead proceeds to ask him intimate questions like “what time does your wife wake up in the morning?” “How much do you spend on your girlfriend in a month” – and yes, you read wife and girlfriend separately. It was not an error.

The short film ends with the enlightenment of our Igbo husband and I’m assuming, improved treatment of his wife – don’t ask me why I think he is Igbo, instead just watch it with your Igbo brothers *runs to hide*.

In the end, “The Housewife” is a simple little story that sends a message that shockingly not everyone has managed to grasp in this century – just because a woman is a housewife or because a  man is a househusband does not mean that their life is a vacation.

The House Wife is a short film by Ndani TV starring Blossom Chukwujekwu, Kiki Omeili and Kachi Nnochiri.


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