You Again : Free To Watch

Kingsley and Sophia are exes who were both employed by the same TV station to co-anchor the evening news.Although they had a rough start, it all worked out in the end, or did it?

Nick Mutuma as Kingsley, the unemployed nice guy who appears to be very socially conscious
Mimi Mars as Sophia, the low maintenance girl who got duped by her former boss.
Eddie Mbungua as Mr Barasa, Kingsley’s nagging father who just wants him to get off his couch and go get a job.
Leana Kariba as Ezra, Kingsley and Sophia’s lecherous boss
Amalie Chopetta as Aida, Sophia’s best friend and housemate who gets her an interview for the new job.
Morris Mwangi as Vinnie, Kingsley’s unemployed friend, who carries on a lie that he is cool with a famous celebrity.
Neomi Ng’ang’a as Kingsley and Sophia’s office receptionist who knows all the gossip.

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